Big Sister final orthographics

Big Sister final orthographics
Photograph by Drew Crozier. Model Lindsey Lewis.

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About Team Big Sister

Nathan Sharratt - Production Head, Design Engineer, Project Manager, Fabricator, Costume Model
A sculptor and new media artist, Nathan is a former graphic designer, photographer and celebrity portrait retoucher from New York City. Nathan left his career in publishing to go back to school to persue a double major in sculpture and animation at Savannah College of Art & Design. 

Before moving to Hotlanta, Nathan made a crazy Halloween costume for the 2007 Village Halloween Parade with Mona Collentine. Some people saw pictures of it on the interwebs and his 15 minutes of internet fame started ticking. You can read more about it in this other blog post I wrote a while ago.

Now, he's heading a crack team of nerd fabricators to make (possibly) the fastest and (probably) most awesome Bioshock 2 Big Sister suit yet seen.

Chris Donio - Fabrication Lead, Lead Sculptor, Caster, Design Engineer
Lab 604

Riki LeCotey - Sculptor, Mold Maker
Lab 604

Cathy Jones - Seamstress, Leather Designer

Joe Pavich - Additional Leather

Danny Ashby - Sculptor, Fabricator

Duncan Shirah - Fabricator, Metal Worker

Daniel Valdez - Lighting, Electronics

Joe Hernandez - Cage Engineer, Fabricator

Adam Foote - Fabricator

Chris Lane - Additional Fabrication

Miracole Burns - Unused Corset prototype, Reference Modeling

Meredeth Placko - Additional Fabrication Assistance