Big Sister final orthographics

Big Sister final orthographics
Photograph by Drew Crozier. Model Lindsey Lewis.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More planning meetings and more team members

I've brought on Chris Donio to lead the fabrication, and through him Cathy Jones to supplement leatherwork and sew an undersuit (the white canvas-looking part). Both are are at the top of their game and I'm psyched to have them onboard. They've both also been amazing enough to squeeze me into their already packed schedules for this intense project. They rulez.

We don't really have room for error or delay, so we got to work immediately last night at Chris' studio in B Complex here in Atlanta breaking down the costume into sections and parts lists that we can assign to fabricators. Miracole came down and braved the chilly shop in a skimpy outfit so we could take some scale reference shots. I can then overlay the concept art of Big Sister and manipulate the image so that Big Sister's proportions match Miracole's and we can build the costume to actually fit a human being. Sorry Sister, no one's got legs that long.

Tonight we're meeting to figure out assignments and pass out budgets for supplies. Then the ball gets officially rolling.

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  1. getting started this weekend on the lights and building the wiring harness. will ship it to you Monday so you can have *something* to work with