Big Sister final orthographics

Big Sister final orthographics
Photograph by Drew Crozier. Model Lindsey Lewis.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Beach balls and mannequins

We picked up some more supplies and finally got to putting down material for sculpts.

We took some orthographic reference images of Miracole and I've been using those to rescale the concept art and game models of Big Sister to actually fit the proportions of a human being. It's a tricky process because there are four distinct reference models for Big Sis: in-game model, promotional 3D renderings, concept art, and the toy (the toy is actually the best reference). I try to defer to the in-game model as design trump

All have different details and scalings of parts. Some have the leg braces extend above the hot pants, some don't. Some have a larger tank valve, some are missing detail, some have a harpoon on the right arm, some have a knife on the left arm, the red eye is different sizes on different sources.

So without the game or any idea of actual functionality other than what we've been able to made educated guesses on, it's hard to nail down the final design. It's possible Big Sis at some point switches her ADAM syringe for a gun/bayonet combo. The promo rendering has the helmet track running from center to down-right. The concept and toy have it going center to top-right. The toy has a small port on the helmet that's an iron dome, but concept art shows it being a clear blue dome. Does this dome light up? Does it track down the helmet on what looks like treads?

Another mystery is a small green liquid in a tube on her arm. There is the standard ADAM red container, and small (what I assume to be) EVE injectors, but there's also a single small green fluid. No idea what that does.

So I've been taking composites of different source images and sussing out what seems to be the truest or most logical design. From there, I've been making life-sized paper templates that we can use to cut out sheets of wet clay for sculpting.

Last night Chris, Riki and I were at the SCAD studio until 4AM (I should just start sleeping there) casting a 15" rubber ball in plaster to make a fiberglass dome to upon which to sculpt the helmet details, and we got the "bib" and back metal dome where the tank attaches roughed out on a torso mannequin in wet clay. The template needed adjusting to account for Sister's thin and long torso to make sure the bib had the same proportionate feel when worn on a model.

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